5-Pin bowling is a bowling variant of the 10-Pin bowling game, played almost exclusively in Canada. Across Ontario, many bowling centers offer only 5-Pin bowling or a combination of both 5 and 10-Pin bowling.

In 1909, the uniquely Canadian game of 5-Pin bowling was invented by Thomas F. Ryan in Toronto, Ontario, at his Toronto Bowling Club, in response to customer complaints that the 10-Pin game was too strenuous, time consuming and the balls were too heavy. He devised a new game with a smaller ball, only five pins and a new scoring system, by cutting five 10-pins down to about 75% of their size, added a rubber ring around the pin and used hand-sized hard rubber balls.

Today 5-Pin bowling remains a uniquely Canadian game played across the country.

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Feb 10 - 11 2023


10:00 am - 2:30 pm


Nepean, Ontario
Merivale Bowling

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